Personalized Bag

Price: $ 420.00$ 1,500.00

Personalized Bag

Price: $ 420.00$ 1,500.00

Do you desire to create your own bag? Follow the instructions and do it yourself!

First select the Inspiration & Then the model of your choice.

After you will proceed to the payment and shipping info as a regular product.

After the payment, we will put in contact for further information about the leather colour, specific designs, etc.


Please be aware that the development of one personalized bag takes around four (4) weeks of production and starts once we have a final confirmation of details and the payment has been done. After this, we are sending it as usual, depending of your location.

Also that depending of the designs technique, there is something possible to do, but some others not. As well, if you have a specific designs, PUKAYA will respect the artist style. Therefore, is always going to be an interpretation and not a copy.

We don’t make refund, due to the art working and leather needs to be order.

Images are only a reference.

We encourage to contact us if you have any doubt or question, to contact us before trough pukaya@pukaya.com or our CONTACT US page.


Scissor Dancers, Shipibo Conibo


Adena, J-Cabat, Lily B-Clutch, Lima Clutch, Mila Clutch, Sol, P-Sailor, Puna

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